Exhibition: Rana Begum – Space, Light, Colour

This small solo exhibition from Rana Begum concentrated on the three elements listed  in the title of the exhibition.

The largest work No. 670, Mesh Installation, 2016, consists of modular architectural powder-coated aluminium grids.   They are in the three primary colours and you walk through the structure, although the beginning and end points are unclear.  As I walked through the structure it was interesting how your viewpoint changed and the mix of colours at different points, created a further array of colours.  At times I also felt alone within the structure and somewhat lost.

No. 529, 2014, is paint on powder coated aluminium and consists of a large panel with bars affixed which are painted on the side (red and a lime green).  As you move along the structure, your viewpoint and the light changes, changing the mix of the colours.  This gave an interesting and unexpected effect.

Other exhibits included folded steel structures where again the folds seem to open up or collapse, dependant on your viewpoint and the light source.  The light also created colours on the wall which also changed as you move around the artwork.

I found this an interesting exhibition and was surprised how the structures, which are very architectural, engaged me as the viewer.

Venue:  Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts.


Sketchbook 2

Theme of the Week:  Continuous Line Drawing

This week I thought I would try a different drawing technique for my sketches so have tried continuous line drawing.  All the images were draw with one continuous line without lifting the point from the page.


Sketchbook 1

Weekly Images from my Sketchbook.  I often have an issue deciding on what to sketch.  So I thought that each week I would have a theme for sketches.  This could be related to the subject matter, method of drawing or something else.  I am not going to be so rigid that if I see something outside my theme I would not sketch it, but, should I have problems deciding on what to sketch I would revert to my theme of the week.

Theme of the Week:  Everyday Objects

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