Proj 1, Ex. 1: Drawing Fabric – Line and Tone

For my first drawing in this unit I draped a dressing gown over the back of a chair.  For my first line drawings I used pen and ink.  My first drawing was not expressive enough and too laboured so I tried a second drawing and whilst this indicated the folds better, I was still not happy with the result.  The nature of the folds and drapes were not interesting so I decided to try a different garment,

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This time I chose a hoodie and let it fall onto the top of a table in light folds.  I again used pen and ink so I could compare the result with my first line drawing.  I am much happier with this result as there are more folds and I have varied the thickness of the line to show the various weights of the folds.

Keeping the same arrangement I drew the hoodie using various grades of graphite pencils.  Whilst this took much longer than 15 minutes I really like the result.  This drawings shows the folds in the fabric much better and enabled me to indicate both the intrinsic tone of the fabric itself and that produced by the way the garment is folded.  I also made the edges disappear in places give areas with a hard edge and others with a soft edge.

My last drawings of the details are less successful.  The first is a contour drawing, then a watercolour pencil drawing and lastly,  pen and ink with cross-hatching.  Maybe it was because my previous drawing had taken longer than anticipated and the light was fading but these just seem rushed and do not define the folds as well as the previous drawing.

Drawing fabric folds using tome and shading is by far the most successful way for me to indicate fabric and something I need to be aware of as I progress through this unit.  Also, the major effect of changing natural light is another factor I need to consider,  particular when I work with a model.

As I was not really happy with the result of the drawings which focused in on a area of fabric I decided to have another try.  I decided to try just using an F grade pencil and see what tones I could achieve.  This was partially to help when I go sketching as I want to simplify the equipment I take out.  I folded a fleece jacket and drew the end of the two sleeves.

These worked out much better and I particularly liked the fact that I have used shading to develop the form of the sleeve rather than an outline.  Also, the range of tones produced by the F grade pencil were quite extensive.