Unit 5: Personal Project – Artist’s Statement on my Project Proposal

Title:  Exploring through images of landscape why I am reluctant to show my artwork. 

When deciding on this project I looked back at my previous four units, analysing my strengths and weaknesses, as well as thinking about what I have found stimulating in other artists work.  From my own work I determined that I wanted the main focus of this project to be based on landscape, although used like a metaphor for issues in my background that I believed have contributed to my reluctance to share my work with others.

Looking back at my previous research into other artists, works which have a strong narrative and were based on a personal experience has the greatest impact on me as the viewer, as well as  those which were not quickly read as pure depictions of visual appearance.  Works such as Paula Rego’s Depression Series and her self-portraits after a fall; the drawings of Anish Kapoor; the strong sense of narrative in Peter Doig’s works; and, the seemingly simplicity of Five Nocturnes by Russell Crotty.

I do not have a ‘tormented artist’ background but do believe I am a product of both my genetic coding and of development/environment factors.   I did not feel at this stage that incorporating information about genetics would be within the scope of my ability (although would be interesting for a later project) so want to concentrate on my early developmental environment.  The four factors I eventually decided to explore further were:

  • the non-registration of my middle name Simon – not a big factor in itself but a story continually told by my siblings during my early life;
  • being the youngest of eight children (six surviving), often feeling over-shadowed by my older siblings;
  • being referred to an Educational Psychologist at age 6 as I could not construct full sentences;
  • whilst being part of a large family often being alone.

The final image I wanted to portray was of me now, the slowly emerging artist.  

I also want to test my ability to draw and reinterpret the landscape so I did not want to do straight visual depictions of a scene.  I therefore have resolved to work mainly from observational sketches and memory rather than directly from the scene.  I also want to use charcoal in the drawings as this is a medium I found most challenging during the course, particularly trying not to use it like I would use a pencil.   

My final project would therefore be a series of five drawings; based on landscapes linked to my background factors; linked as drawings by either subject matter, style, technique, or medium; and have a narrative which leaves the viewer wondering what it means and being able to impose their own meaning on the artwork.   


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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