Research: Cubism

After reading the piece on Cubism in the Shock of the New by Robert Hughes (see previous post), the thing that stuck in my mind was the statement that our knowledge of an object is made up from multiple viewpoints.  I decided to create a drawing of these different viewpoints in a cubist style.

I used a silver metal Indonesian statue as my object and drew it first from the front (black) then from the side (red), then from the back (blue) and finally from the top and bottom (green), overlaying the lines.

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I quite liked the outcome but thought I would take it to the next stage by tracing over different parts of the drawing to get multiple viewpoints in one image.  The lines traced were part choice and part chance as it was quite difficult to follow one set of lines.  I do like the way the bowl in the hand is repeated three times from different viewpoints, the two part-profiles of the head, and the two viewpoints of the bird from different angles.


I throught the top of the image worked better than the bottom so I cropped it and enlarged it onto A3 pastel paper.


I then used coloured soft pastels to fill in the shapes, keeping repeated elements the same colour to provide unity to the drawing.  I brought the lines back out using black ink.


From a bit of creative play, triggered by a phrase in a book, I ended up with a drawing which is fairly successful and a process that I could use in future drawings.  It has sparked a number of ideas I could use in my final assignment for this unit.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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