Proj 1, Ex.2: An Individual Tree

At this time of year it was surprising difficult to select an individual tree, without the clutter of surrounding woodland or other features.  My first tree is in pencil, with charcoal pencil to add the darker elements.  I tried to capture the overall shape of the tree concentrating on the shape of the branches, rather than drawing the individual leaves.  I was aware of my tutor comments from my last assignment submission which indicated I needed to bring out the shape of the object more and have a greater variety in my shading to achieve this.


Although the drawing does achieve this to a degree, I still feel it is slightly flat.

For my next drawing I looked back at my drawings from Unit 2 and felt that my more successful drawings had been when I was using pen and ink.  Whilst I used to think that using pen and ink would make me hesitant in my mark marking, afraid of making mistakes, the reverse is true.  I tend to just go for it, incorporating and using any mistakes in my mark making into the overall drawing.  I used a Rotring drawing pen for this drawing – a happy accident occurred whilst undertaking this drawing in that I changed the cartridge beofre going out and instead of a black cartridge I inserted a blue cartridge so as I drew,  the colour slowing began to change creating the various shades, giving form and a sense of depth to the tree.  I also added a wash to parts of the tree to blur the shape, adding further depth.


This is a better image than the first drawing, however, I still need to work on my shading to give form and add a greater range of tones.

Whilst waiting for my life class to start i sported an interesting looking tree at the entrance to the building.  I sat in my car and produced a drawing using pencils.

In this image I think I have captured the furthest branches better, making them lighter and less defined than those nearest to me.





Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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