Proj 1, Ex. 1: Sketching Individual Trees

In preparing for this exercise I decided to go out and do some sketches of trees in order to get into the mode of drawing trees.  My first sketch is of a small tree near to my home in pen and ink.  I then did a study of the leaves from this tree using the three watercolour pencils I had with me at the time.  Both are A3.

I then went further afield and found a couple of other trees to sketch.  The first is in pen and ink, the second uses Sepia and Brown pencil.  Both A3.

I now felt ready to tackle the exercise.  I knew of a church nearby that had a variety of trees in the graveyard and thought this would be a good place to sit quietly and sketch.  I did the pencil sketch of the main outline first, followed by a pen and ink (line/ink wash) drawing to show the main shapes of the foliage.  Both A3.

The shading on the pen and ink drawing did not turn out quite as I expected as the ink changed from black to blue part way through the drawing as I had changed the cartridge in my Art Pen just before coming out and had inserted a blue cartridge rather than black.  However, I quite like to more subtle blue colour.

The tree I had picked for the first two drawings was not suitable for the next part of the exercise as very little truck or branches could be seen.  I therefore drew a different tree using pen and pencil.  I drew the main truck and branches I could see in pen and indicated the shape of the foliage in pencil.  In the corner I added the detail for the foliage.  Again A3.


This tree was at the edge of the graveyard and was leaning towards an open field and I think I have captured this in the shading for the foliage.

I enjoyed this exercise and it has boosted my confidence to sketch outdoors.  Whilst I have not captured a fully realist drawing of the trees, I think the drawings do convey the overall shape of the trees and their different densities.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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