Proj 3, Ex. 2&3: Composition – An Interior and Material Differences

I looked at my quick sketches around the home and found no ideas emerging which inspired me to create a drawing.  I have found my best time for thinking about art is either when I am in bed or in the bath.  As I laid in the bath thinking about what to do for this exercise I caught a glimpse of myself in the stainless steel knob which raises and lowers the plug.  I then looked at the reflections in the tap and realised that this could be my drawing.

The next time I was in the bath I made a couple of quick sketches of the viewpoint and a couple of days later some more drawing without any water in the bath.  These drawing were on A5 paper as there is listed space when laying down in the bath.

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I liked the image so decide to use this as the basis for my drawing.  I decided to use ink for my drawing and to heighten the colours I could see to add that warmth to the drawing, echoing that warm and relaxing feel you get when taking a bath.  I also darkened the white bath to add a contrast against the warm colours of the feet, bubble bath and sponge.  I chose a letter box format as when I thought about laying in the bath I realised I was often looking at this fairly narrow view.

Once the base colours had been added with brush and ink, I wanted to bring out the detail using fine-liner coloured pens.

Overall I am happy with the drawing, especially as I do not normally work in colour.  I worry that it is becoming a bit ‘painting-like’ but the line for the detail and media I think keeps it firmly within the context of drawing.

The one major thing which did not turn out right was the blue flannel.  I over-darkened the fold lines and I think it is too strong for the image, drawing eye to the left side of the image.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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