One Day, Something Happens: Paintings of People

I visited this Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition at the beginning of January but am only just getting round to writing it up; I am still learning to juggle my time regarding studying and other commitments.

The exhibition presented images drawn from the Arts Council Collection which explore the everyday theatricality of the body.  There was a very wide range of artists on show with quite diverse works which made the exhibition both exciting and challenging.  Two particular works which I found interesting were Richard Hamilton, Hugh Gaitskell as a Famous Monster of Filmland (1964) and William Roberts, The Seaside (c 1966).  The former because of the use of the enlarged newspaper photograph overlaid with the oil paint mask and the latter because of the movement and rhythm created by the position of the figures. I brought the postcards of each and included them in my sketchbook.


Other works which I found interesting were:

Martin Westwood, Extrusion 24. Geld, 2008 – it was the collage added to a pen drawing with the glass of the frame used as another layer which attracted me to this image.  Link to image here.

Prunella Clough, Lowestoft Harbour, 1951 – the portrait format, muted colours and multi-perspective made me really look into this image.  Link to image here.

Ryan Mosley, Northern Ritual, 2011 – it is the repeated motifs across the canvas, the colour harmonies, the position of the foot coming out of the canvas which attracted me to this image.  I also liked the fact that you cannot see the faces of any of the people depicted  – the central figure facing the viewer has their face obscured by the leaf and the others have their backs to the viewer; in spite of this you can fully relate to what is happening in the image.  Link to image here.

Venue:  Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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