Proj 2, Ex. 1: Group of Objects (extension)

In light of reading about Max Ernst and his use of collage, I decided to have a go at using this technique in an extension of this exercise.  I returned to my food cupboards and thought about how collage could be used to depict the objects; I settled on using some of the actual packaging of the food items within the image.

I first made a line drawing of the objects and then used these outlines to define the shapes of the pieces of collage.  For the shape of the Kilner jar I used the packaging from the bag of flour which was used to fill the jar.  Once the pieces of collage were stuck down I re-drew the outlines of the images.  On looking at the image I wanted to change the white background to provide a darker contrast to the initial drawing.  I first tried an ink wash but this did not work as it did not provide the clean background and looked rough against the clean lines of the collage pieces.  I finally decided to insert a piece of black paper as the background to rescue the drawing, cutting around the shapes and glueing it in place; this was much more difficult than anticipated and in places I had to use a felt tired pen to fill in the gaps.  The black background gave a much better effect and provide high contrast which I liked.  I drew the outlines of the other objects and filled in some detail including using black and white ink pens and made a collage 3/4 frame representing the cupboard edges using white corrugated paper.


Overall I am fairly pleased with the outcome of this experiment, I think the colour of the collage packaging works, the black and white ink is quite interesting and the high contrast works quite well.  This exercise has certainly highlighted for me the difficulties in using collage and the need to plan right from the beginning what the final outcome you are hoping to achieve as once the collage pieces have been applied changing anything is really difficult.

I will try using collage again in a future drawing, perhaps in a freer, looser manner.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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