Proj. 1, Ex. 1: Expressive Line & Marks (extension)

This week in my sketchbook I drew an image of toothbrushes in a holder.  Once I have finished the drawing I began to think about the image of the toothbrush.  Did it tell the story of what the toothbrush did or how it was used?  I therefore began to think about how I could express this in a drawing.  The next morning I was brushing my teeth and looked up into the mirror and noticed the movements I was making with the brush.  I thought about how I could replicate this in a drawing.  I decided to use an old toothbrush and make the same marks on the paper as if I was brushing my teeth.  I starting to think about the medium to use.  Ink was my first thought but it would not give the texture I wanted in the drawing.  I thought that crushed charcoal would be more useful but was worried that it would just rub into the grain of the paper and not leave the right marks.  I ended up using crushed charcoal mixed with slightly diluted PVA glue; this gave me the effect I was looking for in the drawing.


You can see the various movements made with the brush – circular, side to side, up & down, etc., and at the edge of the middle section is an accumulation of the charcoal dust, giving texture to the drawing.

The next day I realised I have been influenced by  Julie Brixey-Williams’ drawings in Drawing Now:  Between the Lines of Contemporary Art, which I had glanced through a couple of days earlier. Locationotation is a series of pirouette drawings performed simultaneously by 52 dancers.  They are made using graphite powder on watercolour paper.  Artist’s website here.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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