Proj 1, Ex. 2: Texture (cont.)

I decided to continue to look at frottage as part of the texture exercise.  In my frottage image in the previous post I had particularly liked the effect the Nikon lens cap gave as a rubbing.  I decided to try to combine this with a line drawing of the camera and then add the frottage.

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  1. This the pen line drawing of the camera with spaces for where I intended to use the frottage.  I first drew the camera outline in pencil and then went over the lines in pen.
  2. I added the frottage of the lens cap and the textured grip of the zoom ring.  In my head this had looked better than in the final image; I don’t think the texture used in this way is very successful as it contrasts too much with the line drawing.  It looks disconnected.
  3. I then remade the image this time adding shading to the ink drawing as well as the frottage.  Again, I don’t think frottage worked very well with the more realist, traditional style of drawing.
  4. I then tried a more abstract drawing.  I used frottage of various parts of the camera to create a background texture and then drew in pen various parts of the camera in a disjointed manner.  Overall I feel this is the more successful image as the frottage gives the clue to the image and then the eye moves around the drawing trying to reconstruct the camera.  However, I do feel the final drawing is a bit too busy.

I then tried another image, this time using frottage of bamboo leaves as the background texture and a pen drawing over the top.


I quite like the effect of the larger frottage leaves behind the pen drawing of the smaller leaves, although overall I think frottage probably works better in  more abstract drawings.

I enjoyed investigating using frottage in drawings as I had never considered this technique prior to the exercise.  It is something I would like to revisit in later drawings.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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