Exercise 1: Temporary Drawings

I decided to jump straight into the course with the temporary drawings exercise in order to get over my natural tendency to procrastinate when faced with anything new.

My first drawing was produced by dropping a Brussel Sprout onto a bed of flour.  However, this did not work very well as the complete white surface did not show much definition around the marks.  I therefore decided to put a thin layer of semolina on top of the flour and this worked much better.


I liked the patterns the white flour has made around the crater made by the Brussel Sprout and that I had no control how the flour would scatter; although of course I did have control on where the next Brussel Sprout would fall even if sub-consciously!.

As it is close to firework night my next drawings used sparklers in the garden at night.  I used a DSLR camera with a 25 second exposure to record the images.

These first two used a standard length sparkler, the left hand drawing was just using a circular motion; the one on the right I was attempting to draw a ship in a bottle.  I then attached a sparkler to a 30 cm (left) and 60 cm (right) length of dowel to extend the nature of the gesture marks I could make and moved around the garden with no real thought on drawing anything specific.

For my last sparkler drawing in this series I used a standard length sparkler and was attempting to draw a figure – it ended up looking more like an astronaut in a spacesuit!.  I do like the way the figure looks somewhat depressed, slumped as if their spacesuit is too heavy and looking down at the floor.  A spaceman drawn with a sparkler is quite appropriate really.


For my final temporary drawing I mixed acrylic black ink with washing up liquid and used a pipette to drop the ink into a shallow tray of water.I loved the way the ink dropping on the water has created its own swirls which move in different directions and created different patterns.  Also how over a short time the ink merges and flows into new shapes and patterns.

When I first saw this exercise I was secretly dreading it as I am normally like control over my drawings;  I know this does result in my drawings being quite realistic and ‘tight’.  However, I surprised myself on how much I enjoyed being playful during the exercises and  did not have that need to produce a ‘perfect’ image.  I am really pleased with the results and will try to carry forward into my drawings the more playful, gestural nature of making marks.


Author: gbond1104

Studying Drawing 1 as my first course on a BA (Hons) in Painting

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